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World Literacy Foundation

In our globalised world, close to 20% of the population is illiterate. The World Literacy Foundation was founded to help eradicate this staggering statistic through the promotion of literacy and education, and the provision of learning resources and teaching materials.

 We strongly believe that education is a fundamental human right, and that all individuals should be afforded the same opportunities for their future – including access to basic education.

Since its establishment in 2003, the World Literacy Foundation has steadily grown to align with the needs of a continually evolving education sector. We have forged partnerships with other leading educational organisations, and have built long-lasting relationships with communities around the world.

The World Literacy Foundation significantly dedicates their time and resources to conducting research, and uses resulting information to help advocate in local communities as well as on a global scale. We mobilise communities through our passionate volunteers, and seek to give individuals a voice so that they can also act as advocates for literacy within their own communities. We believe that raising community awareness is vital to the improvement of literacy standards.

As we move towards the future, the World Literacy Foundation is blending our approach of traditional learning methods with digital tools. We believe that multi-modal learning will be a valuable solution to decreasing the world’s illiteracy rates.

The World Literacy Foundation aims to continue to advocate for better global literacy standards, and is excited to establish new, innovative programs in this next phase of the organisation.


We envision a world in which every one of us can read and write, in which there is free access to education for all.


We strive to ensure that every young individual regardless of geographic location has the opportunity to acquire literacy and reading skills to reach their full potential, succeed at school and beyond.


  • Raise global literacy standards
  • Provide free access to quality education materials
  • Innovate solutions that target wide-scale illiteracy
  • Encourage lifelong learning