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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently asked questions about the World Literacy Summit

What are the dates of the World Literacy Summit?

The 2018 Summit will take place March 25-27, 2018. Delegates are encouraged to arrive late afternoon on Sunday, March 25th for networking activities in Oxford.

Can anyone purchase tickets to the Summit?

The World Literacy Summit is an invitation only event. To apply to attend the Summit, you are required to pre-register. Your application will be processed within two business days. Once an outcome of your application has been determined, the Summit Committee will contact you.

It’s my first time visiting Oxford, is there any information available on transport to Oxford and other general information?

We’ve prepared a document to prepare first time visitors to Oxford with all the necessary information. You may view or download the document here.

Can anyone purchase tickets to the Summit?

The World Literacy Summit is an invitation only event. To apply to attend the Summit, you are required to pre-register. Your application will be processed within two business days. Once an outcome of your application has been determined, the Summit Committee will contact you.

Are Delegates required to make their own accommodation bookings?  

Delegates are required to make their own reservations for accommodations. There is no official hotel for Delegates, however, the Summit Committee has prepared a document with recommended hotels, B&Bs and lodging in Oxford. You may view or download the document here.

What is the registration/ticket fee?

The registration/ticket fee for the World Literacy Summit is £295 for early-bird Delegates, £395 for standard tickets and £495 for final release tickets, plus 20 percent VAT and processing fees.

How can I purchase a registration ticket to the Summit?

If your pre-registration/application to attend has been successful, you will receive an email with payment and accommodation details. World Literacy Summit payment will be processed with Eventbrite.

I have colleagues who also want to attend, are there group discounts available?

The Summit offers Group Delegate Packages. The following group discounts apply:

-50% off standard ticket rate granted to the 2nd delegate

-75% off standard ticket rate to the 3rd delegate and so on

What is VAT and why is it being added to my registration fee?

Valued-Added Tax or VAT is a form of consumption tax. Per the UK government, we are required to charge 20 percent VAT for each registration purchased for the Summit. Overseas delegates must pay the VAT also, this will be charged on the invoice initially but can be reclaimed back from the UK VAT office for eligible Delegates.

Are there any extra events not included in the registration fee?

The Summit Gala Networking Dinner is optional extra and it is not included in the registration fee. The Gala dinner will be held at Balliol College, University of Oxford on Monday evening, March 25th, 2018 from 18:00-20:30. For only £60/pp (excluding VAT), the optional Gala dinner includes welcome drinks in the Buttery followed by a 3 course dinner with wine at eminent Balliol Dinning Hall. There is a limit of 10 tickets to the Gala Networking Dinner per organisation.

What’s included in the registration fee?

Registration fee includes:

-Access to all Summit sessions & workshops, March 25-27

-Lunches at Trinity College, March 26, 27

-Coffee/tea breaks, March 26, 27

-Sunday evening networking activities, March 25

-Access to the networking events in Oxford, March 25-27

-World Literacy Summit Welcome Pack

-Name badge, a list of Delegates via the Summit networking platforms

-World Literacy Summit Research Reports released at the Summit

-Access to World Literacy Summit Presentations on Summit platforms

-Visa letter and support

What is the World Literacy Summit’s refund policy? 

The Summit will not be offering any Summit refunds. If you are unable to attend, please contact info@worldliteracysummit.org for further information on registration transfers.

Are registration transfers available?

We understand Delegates may not be able to attend for unforeseen circumstances. In this case, we offer registration transfers.

Are letters of invitations offered for visas?

The World Literacy Summit offers all Delegates letters of invitations to assist them in applying for their visas. If you require a visa letter/letter of invitation for the Summit, please contact info@worldliteracysummit.org and we’ll issue you one as soon as possible.

How can I engage with other Delegates before, during and after the Summit?

All Delegates are encouraged engage with other Delegates through and @WorldLiteracy on Twitter and @WorldLiteracyFoundation on Facebook. Additionally, Delegates are able to communicate via the Summit’s App which will be released in March. Remember, to hashtag #WLS2018

For any additional questions, who can I contact?

For additional questions about:

Registration and general inquiries: info@worldliteracysummit.org

Media inquiries, please contact sam@worldliteracysummit.org