The Oxford Declaration is a living document revisited at each World Literacy Summit and contributed to by World Literacy Summit delegates.

The document acts as an instrument in breaking down the barriers between government, business, non-governmental organizations, educational institutions and the world’s citizens in an effort to promote greater literacy worldwide.

The Oxford Declaration 2014

All delegates of WLS 2014 will have the opportunity to contribute to the Oxford Declaration via opinion rooms, paper submissions and panel sessions. The finalised Oxford Declaration 2014 will be presented for signing at the Closing Ceremony.

For more details see the WLS 2014 programme.

The Oxford Declaration 2012

The landmark conclusion of the World Literacy Summit 2012 was the completion of the inaugural Oxford Declaration document. Delegates outlined the key action points required to improve global literacy standards. They contributed throughout the conference via face-to-face interviews and an interactive web forum.

Read the full 2012 Oxford Declaration